Shoulder Injuries & Treatment

Pain in your shoulder is not normal. Change in your mobility could indicate a serious issue that requires help. Our orthopedic shoulder procedures cover many areas of common procedures that can help when you are experiencing shoulder pain. The only thing that you might be aware of about your shoulder is that it hurts, indicating something is wrong. You need a professional to pinpoint exactly what it is that is causing the discomfort. Getting a consultation from an orthopedic surgeon should be your first step in alleviating your shoulder pain, because the biggest hurdle that you have to overcome is identifying what the source of the discomfort. Once you have the information, you can go forward with the right procedure for your pain. Dr. James Manning will help you identify exactly which procedure is appropriate for your particular injury or disease, and how to best go about getting that specific help for your individual shoulder issue.

Common Shoulder Injuries and Conditions Include

Some of the more common procedures we address are:

  • Shoulder replacement
  • Distal Clavicle Resection (Mumford)
  • Shoulder type arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Impingement treatment
  • Rotators cuff procedures
  • Bankart Lesion Repair
  • SLAP Lesion Repair

If you’re experiencing any pain, lack of or limited mobility then you might require shoulder replacement surgery. These are just some of the procedures that might be required to relieve your pain. These shoulder procedures offer the patient the relief that they need from the daily pain. Dr. James Manning is an orthopedic surgeon that offers you the ability to get a consultation regarding the pain you’re experiencing, and to arrange the procedure that best suits your personal needs.

Call 702-228-7355 today to set up a consultation by Dr. James Manning and he’ll evaluate your situation and see if shoulder surgery is something that will improve it.

Shoulder Conditions Video Gallery

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Shoulder Treatment Video Gallery

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Shoulder FAQ

How can I tell if the pain that I am having is serious?

If your pain or feeling of instability persists, it’s best to have a complete evaluation by Dr. Manning in order to make a professional diagnosis.

Are there noninvasive procedures that can alleviate the pain that I’m experiencing?

Yes, there are noninvasive procedures that can often alleviate discomfort for patients depending on the shoulder issue.

Are there procedures that require surgery in order to gain relief of pain?

Yes, there are procedures that do require surgery to relieve pain. Diagnosing and performing shoulder surgery is one of Dr. Manning’s specialties

Is rehabilitation required?

Shoulder rehabilitation will depend on the type of operation performed. We will make recommendations based on shoulder injury, procedure performed and your personal healing process.

If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, there is hope! See how you can get relief and you’ll be on your way to the comfort that you thought was impossible.

Call 702-228-7355 today or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation for your shoulder pain!

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